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During ISBHF international competitions of 5+1 (5 running players + 1 goaltender), all players must wear an approved helmet, ice or street hockey gloves and running shoes. Players under the age of 18 are required to wear full facial protection as well. Many nations have similar equipment requirements to protect players from injury.


Although not mandatory, it is recommended that players wear elbow pads, athletic cup, soft knee pads and shin guards. Adults should consider wearing facial protection to cover their eyes. Standard ice hockey sticks are used to play the game.

The balls are usually orange in appearance, and not much larger than a tennis ball. Two types of balls are officially recognized for play by the ISBHF. A hard (Pro) version is recommended for adult warm climate play, and is used at World Championships. The soft (Street) version is recommended for non-summer play and younger youth age groups.

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The game in its simplest forms can be played virtually anywhere that there is a flat and smooth surface, preferably with some barriers on the perimeter to prevent the ball from easily leaving the playing area. Nations without easy access to hockey arenas often construct their own outdoors, or use tennis courts, vacant parking lots, school yards, or gymnasiums.

Ball hockey rinks generally vary within the range of 24-30m wide x 48-60m long, with the larger formats preferred for higher levels of competition nationally and internationally.

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ISBHF Official Rulebook:
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