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Ball Hockey UK announce trial dates for GB Teams in 2021/22 Season


With COVID restrictions now fully lifted, we can look forward and begin our selection process for all GB teams competing in ISBHF tournaments in 2022. 


We’ll be holding all trial sessions/training days at Skate Central in Sheffield. We’re thrilled to be using Skate Central once again and see this as a key component in preparing our teams fully for their respective tournament.


The trial dates are as follows:


GB Men - 11/09/21

GB Women - 25/09/21

GB Masters Men* (Aged 40+)- 26/09/21

GB Masters Women* (Aged 40+) - 26/09/21

GB U20 Girls** (2002/03) - 26/09/21

GB U20 Boys** (2002/03) - 02/10/21

GB U18 Boys (2004/05) - 02/10/21

GB U16 Boys (2006/07)- 02/10/21


*We are willing to consider players aged 35-39 pending dispensation from ISBHF.

**We are willing to consider players born in 2001 pending dispensation from ISBHF.


The schedule for each trial session will be released in due course but all will be a full day. The cost is TBC.


Further to the trial dates, we can also announce all training dates:


GB Men - 30/10/21, 26/02/22 &28/05/22

GB Women - 01/11/21, 26/02/22 & 28/05/22

GB Masters Men - 29/01/22 

GB Masters Women - 29/01/22

GB U20 Girls - 29/01/22, 26/02/22 & 28/05/22

GB U20 Boys - 30/01/22, 27/02/22 & 29/05/22

GB U18 Boys - 30/01/22, 27/02/22 & 29/05/22

GB U16 Boys - 30/01/22, 27/02/22 & 29/05/22


Further training dates for the Masters Men & Women will be added in due course.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Tom Merriman on

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