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This website ( has an active community online, including a forum and blog page. Ball Hockey UK Limited also publishes content on other media platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.


We invite you to join in with discussions on any of the forums or media platforms, but request that you adhere to the policy guidelines outlined on this page.


Rules of conduct/Prohibited content

  • Do not violate another’s copyright or intellectual property, including the unauthorised use of imagery, photographs or other electronic content. This also includes posting any information that may be confidential, sensitive or non-public, such as private information including telephone numbers and email addresses.

  • Do not post the same content repetitively or post deliberately disruptive comments.

  • Do not post content containing foul language, adult themes, bullying, adult links, advertising, or any kind of financial or medicinal recommendations.

  • Do not post any content which may be deemed to contain discriminatory, derisory, inflammatory, abusive, demeaning or insulting themes.

  • Do not post any comments which can be construed as aggressive or with violent or illegal intent.

  • Please avoid posting any links to other websites, particularly those at risk of containing malware, spyware or viruses. Examples include other sport forums, live sport hosting sites and free links to comedy content or downloads.

  • Do not post purporting to be someone else. All posts must be your own. 


Right to remove content

Ball Hockey UK Limited reserves the right to remove any content, deemed to break any of the aforementioned rules, without warning, prior notice or with specific explanation. Members may also be temporarily blocked or permanently removed if found to be abusing or repeatedly ignoring the rules stated above.

Any abusive, threatening or concerning post / publication will be reported via the media platform utilised. Authorities may be informed dependent on the nature and severity of the post.


Liability / warranty disclaimers

Any content posted in this forum or on the BHUK social media pages does not represent an official endorsement of the Ball Hockey UK Limited association.


Any content posted, such as pictures or videos, should not be considered as a Ball Hockey UK Limited advertisement, official endorsement or formal advice.


Any linked, external content, which meets the guidelines above, is still subject to the responsibility of those third parties hosting the content. Ball Hockey UK Limited is not responsible for any advice or content delivered by those third parties and we cannot endorse or confirm the accuracy of this content.


Content ownership

Any content shared, owned by the member posting, such as videos or photographs, is free to be used, reproduced, quoted or edited by Ball Hockey UK Limited in any format and on any platform, without the permission of the owner. 

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